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Do You Want to Be Happier?

Tap Into the Science of Happiness and find out how Positive Psychology can help you to Thrive! Not just Survive.

Does this sound like you? :

  • You want to feel happier, more engaged and positive.

  • You want to achieve meaningful and inspiring goals.

  • You want to develop and strengthen your relationships with others.

  • You want to create new habits that break old cycles and make you feel good about being you.

  • You have taken lessons from “new-age” self help books and now you are ready to discover proven techniques.

  • You want to shift your thinking pattern from negativity to one that is positive, appreciative and present.

  • You want to create a “life worth living”, bouncing back from hardship quicker and more effectively?


Previously Psychologists have been focused on relieving suffering and the struggles of humanity. Some might say that the field of psychology has been affected by its own negativity bias. Now psychology is no longer just aiming to reduce suffering, now we are looking to facilitate happiness, build fulfillment, strengths, talents, optimism, meaning and quality of life. We are looking to Thrive!

This is not a quick fix (there is no 7 easy steps to happiness!!), it’s not another version of “The Secret” or a set of “positive affirmations”. This new era of psychology carries with it the same rigorous evidence testing and science grounded techniques as traditional psychology.  Are you interested to find out how positive psychology can help you achieve a happier life?


Previously psychology has focused on helping people up to the ‘happiness’ line. Maybe you are going through a relationship breakdown, or experiencing work stress and you are a -5 on the happiness chart, once over we would have helped you back up to a zero. Now we have the tools and the knowledge to get you up to a +5. It is not about avoiding life’s ups and downs, rather it is about experiencing a meaningful and happy life despite life’s inevitable challenges.



Thrive! Not just Survive

Sign up for The Thrive Subscription. For less than $2.30 per day.

You will receive:

  1. Assessment of Happiness, Strengths, Values and Gratitude (using trusted and reliable measures)
  2. 60 min 1:1 appointment with a Positive Psychologist to discuss the results and your goals.
  3. Creation of a Personal Development Plan
  4. Quarterly Progress Reviews (3 x 50 min 1:1 appointments) including repeating the original measures to meaningfully reflect on changes
  5. Support via Instant Chat between sessions using a Secure App (available on Android and Iphone)
  6. Fortnightly emails stacked full of personal development and Positive Psychology resources to help keep you motivated

First month $139.95, thereafter $69.95 per month. Cancel anytime, no contract, no minimum term, no cancellation fee. We only want you to continue if you are thoroughly enjoying the benefits and thriving!

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If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us.

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